Cookie and Mary: All the Happy People

Cookie and Mary’s wedding was one of my not-so-usual type of shoot–there were no scenes of bride wearing the shoes, no veil throwing, suit throwing nor wearing of watch–no standard scenarios in a wedding shoot. It was focused on capturing what is naturally happening, and the couple being very cool and happy people, they enjoyed their stress-free wedding day.

Cookie and Mary are both visual artists by profession, which is obvious in their overall style preferences of their wedding details and wedding documentation. Since Mary was my schoolmate back in college, it was nice to see old faces as well after many years. Their families and friends share their happy disposition, and smiles and laughter were captured at every point of our cameras.

I hope you’ll enjoy this all black and white wedding blog entry (including the onsite photo slideshow, a first for me and loved it!), as I think it suits Mary and Cookie. They danced with joy during the day and so as everyone else!

Venue: Chapel on the Hill     Reception and Preps: Pintoresco     Video: Let’s Make It Real



Family Fun in BALI, Day 1!

Family vacations usually involve celebrating special occasions–birthdays, anniversaries, passing the board exams, reunions–a good excuse to take a leave from work, relax and enjoy the company, build stronger ties and of course, do as much sight-seeing the time permits. For Lui, Kareen and Claudia’s vacation in Bali, Indonesia, it was to celebrate Lui and Kareen’s wedding anniversary.

For two days, they went to the Bali Zoo, Tanah Lot, Bali Swing, and temple sight-seeing. Most of their activities were dedicated for Claudia, which she enjoyed very much, even though she had a slight fever! Day one was a half day tour at the zoo. It was a first for Claudia, and she was very happy seeing the animals that her laughs echoed! There were a few animals which she got afraid of, but it was easily replaced by excitement and curiosity as she was smiling and pointing at them, even with crocs and snakes!

On the way to the pool, an elephant surprised them. It was beautiful!

Claudia loves maps! She was still looking at it even a day after the zoo trip and reciting the animals she saw.

Their day ended with a quick stop at one of the temples around Ubud, Bali. There were temples in almost every corner, and they chose this one as the relief sculptures were very detailed and awesome. Too bad it was already closed when they arrived, but the exteriors was already a good photo op!

This probably summarizes Claudia’s reactions as she saw various animals! Love them!

NEXT ON THE BLOG: Day 2 (Tanah Lot, Bali Swing and a few more temples!)



Miki at 17

I’ve said it many times how much I’m a fan of intimate celebrations. It is always full of love and true happiness from the guests to be present in the celebration, and Miki’s 17th birthday was a perfect example. She invited her classmates and church friends for a simple birthday dinner. Of course, there were good food, a few games, a sharing about the most memorable experience with Miki, music playing, a cute dog, and a nice candle-blowing surprise from her parents, all accompanied with laughter!(We were reminiscent of our own energetic college days as well!)  With the warmth of the celebration, everyone was nonchalant of the hard rain outside!

As what Miki said, she felt blessed by her friends and family and how she loves them. Well, all I can say is, they’re blessed to have Miki too! 🙂

Celebration: June 8, 2018




Allen and Mela’s Dive of a Lifetime

Allen and Mela are both scuba divers and adventurers who are both cool and relaxed people. Their relationship started when Allen was about to go back abroad for work, so to keep up with the distance, they made sure to meet somewhere in the world, and of course, travel together. A love that started in the Philippines, they continue to create new memories across the world. The saying “Home is wherever I’m with you” truly fits these two.



Preps  Oakwood Ortigas       Church St. John Paul II Parish       Reception  Glass Garden

Coordinator  Thoffy Consulta       Video  The Spark Series       Gown  Carina Canlas       HMUA  Kris Bacani




Mark and Nella’s Staycation

The rain became a blessing as Mark and Nella and their kids, Lucas and Matthew, had their portraits inside their house. It was spontaneous, fun and very relaxed as the kids played, watched TV, ate and whatnot during breaks. Lucas was so fond of the balloons that he wanted it close to him all the time, and was giddy every time he let them go! Funny part too was Matthew’s smash-the-cake scene, for he really did smash it hard, turning the cake over and letting it roll! We recapped the setup at their bedroom as it was Matthew’s sleeping time, and Kuya Lucas helping to put her baby brother to sleep was a heart-melting scene! Well, we can all agree nothing feels like home.





















Ken, Joanna and Ewoo’s Hiking at a Colorful Forest

Joanna and Ken are good friends from NYC. With both having crazy schedules, hiking, or nature-tripping is their mind-detoxification. I found out that New York holds a lot of well-maintained state parks which one can spend quality outdoor activities, and man, they are huge! Such a park is located in Minnewaska a few hours away from the city by car. With just our maps, we navigated the park, with its nice lake at the middle, on our own for the whole day. We got lost for a while, but which we ended up at this breathtaking overlooking view of the whole forest! It was the fall season too, and the lush forest provided us with patches of yellow, orange, red and violet trees which was amazing. Ewoo, their cute and messy looking ‘son’, enjoyed the walk as well, although most of the time he was carried because he got tired. He’s a very picky dog, not very friendly to new people, but we became friends at the middle of the hike! This shoot was a 100% shoot-as-it-happens, no pressure at all kind, just like what Ken and Joanna wanted. 🙂

Location: Minnewaska State Park, New York, USA


Chris, Ceejay and Carl’s Family Day


It is always a pleasure to document your friends’ new and growing families. Here is Ceejay, my high school classmate, with Chris and Carl just relaxing and playing in a public garden. 🙂






Jikkie and Jen: God’s Answer

Jikkie and Jen met at their church group, both of them serving in the music ministry. But how it all started was quite hilarious and unique–through a toothpaste. Yes, Jen was selling high end toothpastes and Jikkie frequently bought to her, so much that she jokingly asked Jikkie if he uses them to take a bath. This frequent meeting to get toothpaste has made Jen suspicious, thus, decided not to sell toothpastes to Jikkie anymore. So he confessed the truth. During a small interview for the video during their wedding, Jen thought it was nothing, but Jikkie from the beginning, remained persistent. He was Jen’s answered prayer, and so they lived happily ever after 🙂

I love Jikkie and Jen’s wedding.  They were surrounded with families and friends that love them and care for them. It was full of endearment and laughter, and there were moments where it became very touching. In most times, each wedding I cover has something memorable, whether simple or grand. In their wedding, it would be the time when Jen’s bridesmaids and secondary sponsors encircled her and prayed for her marriage. It was an honor to see such support.

Another memorable one, and a funny one too, was when Jikkie said the lines “I do,” with utmost conviction, that got everyone laughing!

Like each stage of their wedding had something memorable, Jikkie’s singing performance for Jen being the most entertaining during their reception.

Jikkie and Jen, I hope you’ll continue to be blessed with love from the people around you and of course with your love from each other!  Enjoy married life!

Venue: Portico de Busto, Bulacan
Church: Sto. Niño Parish Bustos, Bulacan
Coordinator: c/o Portico de Busto
HMUA: Toni Rodriguez
Gown: Kris Ian Dacera for Beyond White
Jikkie’s Suit: Jo Lanuza
Video: Mozaic Creatives
L/S: 7th Trumpet
Invitations: c/o Portico de Busto

Illustrations/paintings by yours truly 🙂













Daniel, Angeli and Leah: Happy in God’s Grace


Daniel and Angeli were my couple a few years back. They now have Leah, their joy in their lives, a miracle baby, who after so many prayers,  held on strong to Angeli.  A gift from God, Leah is a smiling baby, loves to clap, and is starting to appreciate the Bible stories with the help of Dan and Angeli.

Venue: Jardin de Miramar, Antipolo















Julius and Jelyn: Of Love and Purity

Julius and Jelyn were my colleagues before at Imagine Nation Photography. Julius is a videographer while Jelyn is a video editor.

These two met before a bible study meeting; Jelyn was about to go inside the building when a stray dog suddenly appeared and as Julius was also there hanging around, Jelyn held on to his hand out of fear of the dog. Julius, startled, said, “Who the heck are you?”

As both are in the videography team, they worked closely together for many weddings, for many hours, and I guess this was how things developed. Their relationship wasn’t perfect, there were many trials, but there was understanding and we, as their friends, could see they both wanted, and I’m sure to this very day, to work out their differences. And this is how their relationship grew abundantly.

There are many things we can learn from their relationship. One of which, as Jelyn specifically pointed out, is the virtue of purity, of waiting for marriage, of self-control. They chose to stay pure until marriage for this relationship, and having a man who chooses this, according to Jelyn, is kinda sexy.

My favorite part of their wedding was when they uttered their funny and touching personal vows to each other. It was nice to see Jelyn wrote hers on her journal, a good way to remind her perhaps of their promises.

Their wedding supplier friends, videographers, photographers, HMUAs, former bosses, all helped out in making their event possible. With their close relatives and friends gathered together, Julius and Jelyn’s wedding was heartwarming, honest, full of stories, laughter and tears. Our day ended smiling, and we were all happy for these two.

Wedding Coordination:  Canaan Celebrations       Wedding Stylist: For Keeps Events Specialist        Videographers: Dux Dacudao, Anthony de Guzman, Rjay Bagay, Rojen Sullera, Angelo Leanda, Henry Samson, Myca Guinchoma, Jho Francisco, Flip Peñas       Photographers: Jonathan Keh, Arlene Briones-Hidalgo, Betty Uy, Kim Lim, EJ Lagrimas, She De Ocampo Aguiba, Liz Rañola       Gown and Suit Designer: Boy Kastner Santos        MUA: Rae Venturanza Salazar       Hair: Nhot Munsod Bituin       Wedding Invitations: Betty Uy and Liz Ranola


JC, a Proud Filipino Boy

Happy Independence Day, Philippines!

JC, the one year old cute boy of my good Batanes friends, Ian and Jasmin, was born on April 9, Araw ng Kagitingan. Seldom do I encounter a photo shoot or an event with a Filipino theme, so when JC’s parents told me he’ll dress up as a Katipunero, I was excited! We held the shoot at Imus, Cavite, afterwards, JC’s dedication and birthday celebration was held. And noteworthy was Ian’s prayer for JC to be a good citizen of this country. The shoot was different, fun and of course, cute!


Adrian and Gia: Love is All Around

Adrian and Gia are two jolly people who got united last year witnessed by their jolly and lovely families and friends. Their wedding was one of the most colorful I’ve covered and as a photographer/observer, I felt the genuine happiness in the eyes of their guests.  An unforgettable moment was when Gia’s father and brother, whom she is very close to, came blindfolded to see her wearing her wedding gown already. Her brother especially got very emotional, and everyone followed.  Guests were entertained as well during the well-thought speeches of their families and friends, and the upbeat dance mob performed by Gia’s relatives. Their morning wedding was a good way to start the day for everyone as love shone at its brightest. 🙂

Preparations: Sampaguita Gardens     Church: Sanctuario de San Jose     Reception: Sampaguita Gardens     Wedding Coordinator:  Therry Arriza of Bridal Fantasy    HMUA: Nybie Ng     Gown: Mel Orlina     Caterer and Events Stylist: Hizon’s Catering















Matt and Val: Oo, May Forever

Matt and Val Met at work. They were a good match instantly.

One of my cool couples I had the privilege to cover, their wedding was an intimate one, a sort of a family and friends gathering, and all were genuinely happy for their union.

Hotel: Astoria     Ceremony: Parish of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Antipolo     Reception: Cafe 14Four     HMUA: Meg Reyes     Gown: RoyAnne Camillia Couture     Videographer – Robert Saguiguit Photography     Styling: Edmar Abila      Invitation: Aya Rosales-Espiritu



Eugene and Steph: Weekend Engagement

Steph and Eugene opted for an engagement in the quiet and lovely place of Tagaytay at Fernwoods. Having six looks (yes, six!), we enjoyed every bit of it as we went from one spot to another, their friends showing support for them by cheering, and Steph and Eugene being all natural and elegant in front of the camera. Their shoot was romantic, light and sophisticated. It was love at first shot for us, just like as Steph was love at first sight for Eugene. 🙂

LIZ_7130ipad LIZ_6964




Venue: Fernwoods Tagaytay     /     Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Michaela Alarcon     /     MUA: Lei Ubaldo     /     Hair: Arjhay Asahan     /     Steph’s Light Brown Long Dress and Gold Gown: Cecilio Bertumen     /     Eugene’s Coat: Francis Libiran      /     Earrings:



LIZ_6894 LIZ_6905 LIZ_6957 LIZ_7026 LIZ_6940 LIZ_6971ipad LIZ_7246 LIZ_7260 LIZ_7042ipad LIZ_7030LIZ_7112

LIZ_7303 LIZ_7290 LIZ_7299 LIZ_7285 LIZ_7343 LIZ_6934 LIZ_6951 LIZ_7155 LIZ_7139LIZ_7095 LIZ_7074 LIZ_7170LIZ_7274 LIZ_7284 LIZ_7423



Stephen, Liv and Gabe’s Family Outing


Summer is here and it’s a good time to go out and have a family bonding. I visited the US late last year and had the privilege to shoot a former classmate of mine, Liv, while camping with her family and a few friends. Families in the US love to go outing on weekends and I love this fact that they like to be active and do things together. 🙂 Liv and her family and friends stayed overnight doing camping, grilling barbecue and marshmallows, trekking, fishing, and swimming. It was a shoot-as-it-happens kind of day. Liv doesn’t have any family photos to keep while on vacation, so I was happy to join them.


Stephen-Olivia-Gabe-family-album_spread-11 LIZ_1330 LIZ_1717 LIZ_1952 LIZ_1345 Stephen-Olivia-Gabe-family-album_cover

Venue: Waterfall Cabin and Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

Illustrations and paintings by yours truly 🙂Stephen-Olivia-Gabe-family-album_spread-2 LIZ_1606 LIZ_1597 LIZ_1577 LIZ_1248 LIZ_1302 LIZ_1678 LIZ_1703 LIZ_1373 LIZ_1377 Stephen-Olivia-Gabe-family-album_spread-5 LIZ_1503 Stephen-Olivia-Gabe-family-album_spread-6 Stephen-Olivia-Gabe-family-album_spread-12 LIZ_1668 LIZ_2063 LIZ_2124 LIZ_2068 Stephen-Olivia-Gabe-family-album_spread-15 Stephen-Olivia-Gabe-family-album_spread-10 Stephen-Olivia-Gabe-family-album_gabe LIZ_2384 LIZ_1935 LIZ_1939 LIZ_1944LIZ_3


Zack and Jett: Got You Where I Want You


Zack met Jett six years ago in Georgia, USA, at a house party with friends. What started to be a dare turned out to be a happy ending. 🙂




LIZ_9066 LIZ_9127 LIZ_9233_2LIZ_9276LIZ_9205LIZ_9365


Their intimate beach wedding was full of expressions of love and happiness for these two. One of the highlights of the wedding was when Zack sang his feelings out in a sort of impromptu way, the song “Got You Where I Want To”(which he sang again together with Jett at the reception with correct lyrics this time), as Jett walked the long wooden planks of the lake all the way to the shore!  It rained for a while, but the clouds made way for the sun during their ‘I do’s.’

Venue: Tugawe Beach Resort, Caramoan, Bicol

Wedding Coordinator: Vanj Savilla

Videographer: Joel Salindog Videos

LIZ_9533 LIZ_9506 LIZ_8663 LIZ_8459 LIZ_8764 LIZ_8641 LIZ_8435 LIZ_8474 LIZ_8195 LIZ_8838 LIZ_8624 LIZ_8480 LIZ_8497 LIZ_8527 LIZ_8542 MGM_5165 LIZ_8817 MGM_5180 LIZ_8941 LIZ_8949 LIZ_9004 LIZ_8977 LIZ_9020 LIZ_9030 LIZ_9068 LIZ_9058 LIZ_9085 LIZ_9114 LIZ_9077 MGM_5390 MGM_5395 LIZ_9137 MGM_5398 MGM_5396 MGM_5589 LIZ_9151 LIZ_9181 LIZ_9183 LIZ_9292 LIZ_9255 LIZ_9198 LIZ_9260 LIZ_9252 LIZ_9285 LIZ_9229 LIZ_9350 LIZ_9354 LIZ_9362 LIZ_9371 LIZ_9380 LIZ_9295_2 LIZ_9481 LIZ_9491 LIZ_9552 LIZ_9620 LIZ_9573 LIZ_9581 BETZ2851 BETZ2878 BETZ2891 LIZ_9633 BETZ2948 BETZ2959 BETZ3065 BETZ3076 BETZ3084 LIZ_9581_2 BETZ3021 BETZ3116 BETZ3108 BETZ3139 BETZ3127 BETZ3193 BETZ3206 BETZ3229 LIZ_8416 LIZ_9542


Matteo Ilias


I have shot my good friend Selda and the milestones of her family a few times, the birthday of her first son, Luke,  her second child named Matteo during his 8th month in Selda’s belly, and his baptism. When we had her maternity photo shoot while waiting for Matteo, it was relaxing, fun and creative, her sister painted her belly a picture of a sleeping angel.  Of course her son, Luke, who shared the excitement as everyone, joined as well. I saw in his eyes that he couldn’t wait to be a kuya. This, for me, is a good way to end the love month. 🙂

LIZ_1572 LIZ_1222 LIZ_1199 LIZ_1228 LIZ_1197---Copy LIZ_1202 LIZ_1284 LIZ_1319 LIZ_1441_2 LIZ_1426 LIZ_1410_2 LIZ_1360 LIZ_1302


LIZ_1552 LIZ_1559
LIZ_1590LIZ_1580 LIZ_1307 LIZ_1269LIZ_1564


Alfred and Janelle: Music and Words

Janelle wrote a letter to a boy whom she’s never met, a love letter.


Then she met Alfred, and the letter was perfect.

LIZ_9518 LIZ_9550 LIZ_9590




Janelle was a writer and a former colleague of mine in a publishing company. She now heads the award-winning tourism website The Pink Tarha in Riyadh. We shot their engagement around La Union for the whole day, from a sunrise grassland to sunset beach. It was like work slash vacation as we visited from one place to another. 🙂

Wedding Videographer: Hendrix Sanchez of Fridge Multimedia      Wedding Coordinator: Jennifer Pineda Capiral of Infinite Moments Events Management      Wedding Florist and Stylist: Art Cortez of AC Events & Productions Prenup and Wedding Makeup Artist: Niño Bautista of Niño Bautista Makeup Artistry      Church: Sts. Peter And Paul Parish, Bauang, La Union      Guests Resort and Reception: San Luis Del Mar Resort, Bauang, La Union      Preparation Resort: Kaykayo Resort      Infinity Dresses: ZALBY      Cord, Candles, and Bible: Beadybeadz Personalized Wedding Cords      Invitation Design and Printing: Ink Scribbler      Cake: Xavier Boado Cakes & Pastries


LIZ_0163LIZ_0473LIZ_0513 LIZ_9383 LIZ_9536 LIZ_9475


LIZ_9581 LIZ_9408 LIZ_0423

LIZ_0633 LIZ_0602 LIZ_0591 LIZ_0856 LIZ_0825 LIZ_0844

LIZ_9697 LIZ_9674 LIZ_9667 LIZ_0945 LIZ_0953 LIZ_0796 LIZ_1020 LIZ_1004
LIZ_1037 LIZ_0987 LIZ_0980 LIZ_1146 LIZ_1062 LIZ_1126



LIZ_1214 LIZ_1179 LIZ_1187 LIZ_1196

LIZ_1235 LIZ_1232 LIZ_1267 LIZ_1254 LIZ_0314