Miki at 17

I’ve said it many times how much I’m a fan of intimate celebrations. It is always full of love and true happiness from the guests to be present in the celebration, and Miki’s 17th birthday was a perfect example. She invited her classmates and church friends for a simple birthday dinner. Of course, there were good food, a few games, a sharing about the most memorable experience with Miki, music playing, a cute dog, and a nice candle-blowing surprise from her parents, all accompanied with laughter!(We were reminiscent of our own energetic college days as well!)  With the warmth of the celebration, everyone was nonchalant of the hard rain outside!

As what Miki said, she felt blessed by her friends and family and how she loves them. Well, all I can say is, they’re blessed to have Miki too! 🙂

Celebration: June 8, 2018




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