Leslie and Cat: Of Blessings and Good Vibes

One wacky groom and one bubbly bride makes a wedding fun and unforgettable. It was a wedding full of love and gratitude. Even though some things have come unexpected prior to their wedding day, blessings poured on these two and their families, and everything worked out well in the end. It was a true testimony that God will never leave one’s side and will recap one’s day wonderfully 🙂

March 24, 2014

HMUA: Karen Soriano https://m.facebook.com/makingfacesbykaren   lesliecat2 lesliecat7 lesliecat5 lesliecat3 lesliecat22 lesliecat8 lesliecat4 lesliecat10 lesliecat15 lesliecat16 lesliecat6 lesliecat21 lesliecat14 lesliecat17 lesliecat13 lesliecat12 lesliecat11 lesliecat20 lesliecat23 lesliecat18 lesliecat19 lesliecat25 lesliecat24 lesliecat26 lesliecat27 lesliecat28 lesliecat34 lesliecat35 lesliecat32 lesliecat30 lesliecat31 lesliecat33 lesliecat36 lesliecat37 lesliecat39 lesliecat40 lesliecat38 lesliecat42 lesliecat41 lesliecat44 lesliecat43 lesliecat45 lesliecat51 lesliecat50 lesliecat48 lesliecat49 lesliecat47 lesliecat52 lesliecat58 lesliecat56 lesliecat55 lesliecat61 lesliecat53 lesliecat60 lesliecat57 lesliecat54 lesliecat59 lesliecat64 lesliecat62 lesliecat63 lesliecat66 lesliecat67 lesliecat68 lesliecat69 lesliecat70 lesliecat71 lesliecat72 lesliecat75 lesliecat74 lesliecat73 lesliecat77 lesliecat78


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