Carlo and Elaine: A Very, Very Love Story

What happens when you mix a graphic novel enthusiast and a classic book lover?



The answer, they create their own love story! From stalker modes, to cute surprises, to fighting monsters, I love how these two were really hands-on as they conceptualized their own fictional storyline and even made their own props for the shoot.

See how these two envisioned their story if it were a book. I’ve just presented the layout of their photos in comic book style since the story they made is influenced by it. 🙂


LIZ_1571 LIZ_1636 LIZ_1664 LIZ_1680 LIZ_1688 LIZ_1695 LIZ_1707 LIZ_1714 LIZ_1734 LIZ_1765 LIZ_1821 LIZ_1856 LIZ_1832 LIZ_1859 LIZ_1918 LIZ_2066 LIZ_2138 LIZ_2160 LIZ_2189 LIZ_2204 LIZ_2346 LIZ_2361 LIZ_2081 LIZ_2104 LIZ_2104_4 LIZ_2111 LIZ_2218 LIZ_2327_5 LIZ_2218_2 LIZ_2238LIZ_2246_1LIZ_2265_6 LIZ_2299 monster2 monster4 LIZ_2362 LIZ_2384



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