Makoy and Gie: Good Friends + Good Food = Love

When their friends heard of their engagement shoot, one of them, a chef, offered to cook and have a small salu-sal0 for the couple and the rest of their friends after the shoot.  I then had the idea to include them in the shoot! Why not have a cook out with their friends for their prenup? And since Makoy and Gie got nothing in common except friends, it totally made sense to let them join and became as props! I was amazed to find out that everyone was excited to join the shoot!

Makoy and Gie have known each other since grade school, but only became a couple in college. We went around a few places in UP LB that are memorable to them, like their ‘tambayan’ and the oblation.  Then off to their friend’s house where everyone was preparing barbecue, drinks, tacos, and the set up of the place. So Makoy and Gie stepped in and helped out. As soon as they got together, everything became so natural and spontaneous. There were a few portraits and a few of their friends, aside from participating, also helped in the shoot that I just had to shoot some behind the scenes. This part was so full of laughter and support. I found this shoot-as-it-happen kind of engagement unique, touching and really personal. Kudos to Makoy and Gie and their friends. Oh, and the food was delicious!

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