Mark and Jen: Downpour of Love

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Jen has been single for many years. She has been traveling for  years too, solo, or with her beloved car named Jj. Until she met Mark who likes to travel as well, solo, or with his beloved car named Allaine. Time allowed them to meet at a church, and now they are traveling together; a new journey with joy, and with a happy and thankful heart.  They knew it was worth the wait.

liz_3181liz_3188 liz_3074 liz_3137 Their engagement shoot was a downpour, the rainiest I’ve shot maybe! Good thing these two stayed positive and was game to still shoot whatever the situation offered. They kept on smiling mindless of their wet clothes, mud and wind. It was as natural, as fun and as candid as it can be, and all of us enjoyed our day (we just needed our hot soup and vitamin c’s that night!) A day of downpour of love. 🙂

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