Mark and Kate: Love and Travel


A day before their wedding, Mark and Kate spent their day walking, trekking, jumping, running, sitting, lying, rolling (just kidding!), smiling and laughing in the mountains and beaches of Basco, Batanes for their engagement shoot. It was a sunny but breezy day, perfect for a relaxed and adventurous shoot, very casual and nothing formal. It was Mark and Kate’s first time to see the sights of Batanes, and their idea was to tour while we shoot, and just enjoy the view and the moment–a leisure slash work.

LIZ_6866 LIZ_7432 LIZ_7347 LIZ_7700 LIZ_7620 Batanes was perfect for them as they are both photo enthusiasts, chill, with an adventure in their hearts. 🙂

Venues: Marlboro Mountain, Chawa View Deck, White Beach, House of Dakay, Alapad Pass, Basco Cathedral

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