Ken, Joanna and Ewoo’s Hiking at a Colorful Forest

Joanna and Ken are good friends from NYC. With both having crazy schedules, hiking, or nature-tripping is their mind-detoxification. I found out that New York holds a lot of well-maintained state parks which one can spend quality outdoor activities, and man, they are huge! Such a park is located in Minnewaska a few hours away from the city by car. With just our maps, we navigated the park, with its nice lake at the middle, on our own for the whole day. We got lost for a while, but which we ended up at this breathtaking overlooking view of the whole forest! It was the fall season too, and the lush forest provided us with patches of yellow, orange, red and violet trees which was amazing. Ewoo, their cute and messy looking ‘son’, enjoyed the walk as well, although most of the time he was carried because he got tired. He’s a very picky dog, not very friendly to new people, but we became friends at the middle of the hike! This shoot was a 100% shoot-as-it-happens, no pressure at all kind, just like what Ken and Joanna wanted. 🙂

Location: Minnewaska State Park, New York, USA


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