The Leocadios in Bali: Day 2!

Day two of the family vacation of Kareen, Lui and Claudia in Bali, Indonesia was full of activities. We went to three places, Tanah Lot Temple, Bali Swing, and in Ubud.

Our day started with a two hour drive from Seminyak where we stayed, to Tanah Lot Temple located further south of Bali. Not a very good time to visit the temple in the morning as it was packed with tourists! But nevertheless, the family enjoyed the view of the temple built on the rock formation on the sea. We weren’t allowed to have a closer look of the temple because the waves at that time was powerful, although seeing it from afar was already enough to amaze us. Kids be kids, and Claudia got entertained with shopping! The area was filled with trinkets and animal toys for sale, and Claudia bought a butterfly-like toy and a wooden duck on a bamboo flute that when blown, it made a duck sound. Lui, Kareen and Claudia also enjoyed the stroll along the gardens going to the other rock formations.






The highlight was the Bali Swing and mind you, this wasn’t an ordinary one you see in parks! This was the kind of swing that would let you go on meters high up in the air, with the forest meters down from your toes! A swing for adults, you can say, and Kareen and Lui (Claudia was not allowed at her age yet) had their share of screams and laughs as they rode it! Claudia stayed with me as I shoot, and she laughed hard seeing her parents. A priceless one! There were also areas for photo ops such as man-made nests where people can sit on. It was totally a place for families.





Our third stop was around Ubud to visit a few temples on the way. We didn’t have much time as we needed to allot travel time to go back to Seminyak. There are numerous temples along the way and picking good ones and stopping for a quick photo shoot wasn’t hard. It was a good way to end the trip, just relaxing and quietly exploring the temples. 🙂



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