Paul, Pia and Pipay’s Family Vacation

I love seeing my couples’ families grow! And as an example, I took photos of Paul and Pia’s beautiful garden wedding at San Pablo, Laguna. Now, with their source of joy, Pipay, we headed to their parent’s vacation house at the middle of vast greens! Armed with just their smiles, the shoot was like a weekend of quality time–relaxing and playing with Pipay amidst natural setting– just perfect for a short getaway from work. I love that it was so simple, no setups, no styling (just our natural good tastes 😛 ).

Paul and Pia being bikers, a ride on a bike had to be a part of our shoot, and Pipay enjoyed it!


Stephen, Liv and Gabe’s Family Outing


Summer is here and it’s a good time to go out and have a family bonding. I visited the US late last year and had the privilege to shoot a former classmate of mine, Liv, while camping with her family and a few friends. Families in the US love to go outing on weekends and I love this fact that they like to be active and do things together. 🙂 Liv and her family and friends stayed overnight doing camping, grilling barbecue and marshmallows, trekking, fishing, and swimming. It was a shoot-as-it-happens kind of day. Liv doesn’t have any family photos to keep while on vacation, so I was happy to join them.


Stephen-Olivia-Gabe-family-album_spread-11 LIZ_1330 LIZ_1717 LIZ_1952 LIZ_1345 Stephen-Olivia-Gabe-family-album_cover

Venue: Waterfall Cabin and Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

Illustrations and paintings by yours truly 🙂Stephen-Olivia-Gabe-family-album_spread-2 LIZ_1606 LIZ_1597 LIZ_1577 LIZ_1248 LIZ_1302 LIZ_1678 LIZ_1703 LIZ_1373 LIZ_1377 Stephen-Olivia-Gabe-family-album_spread-5 LIZ_1503 Stephen-Olivia-Gabe-family-album_spread-6 Stephen-Olivia-Gabe-family-album_spread-12 LIZ_1668 LIZ_2063 LIZ_2124 LIZ_2068 Stephen-Olivia-Gabe-family-album_spread-15 Stephen-Olivia-Gabe-family-album_spread-10 Stephen-Olivia-Gabe-family-album_gabe LIZ_2384 LIZ_1935 LIZ_1939 LIZ_1944LIZ_3