Baby Andy’s Saturday Afternoon

Baby Andy has brought all her toys during the shoot; it was like any other playtime for her. And she had the best of all smiles as she spent time with her parents just playing and hugging each other. 🙂

LIZ_2726LIZ_3077 LIZ_2434 LIZ_2499Venue: Studo and UP Diliman

LIZ_2513 LIZ_2418 LIZ_2341 LIZ_2293 LIZ_3064 LIZ_3054 LIZ_3020 LIZ_2734 LIZ_2801 LIZ_2794 LIZ_2832 LIZ_2655 LIZ_2868 LIZ_2887 LIZ_2900 LIZ_2902 LIZ_2964 LIZ_2975 LIZ_3134 LIZ_3114 LIZ_3166 LIZ_3173 LIZ_2954


Sophia’s Little Home

I love it when my couples ask me to shoot them again, this time with their new bundle of joys. Whether it be birthdays, baptism, or portraits of their babies, it’s fulfilling to see their family growing and capture their milestones.

Here is cute Sophia, parents of our lovely couple, Raymund and Rhea, at Pinto Art Gallery in Antipolo 🙂

LIZ_0074 LIZ_0316 LIZ_0157LIZ_0001LIZ_0119 LIZ_0461 LIZ_0471 LIZ_0135 LIZ_0052 LIZ_0345 LIZ_0403 LIZ_0355 LIZ_0161 LIZ_0177 LIZ_0282 LIZ_0236 LIZ_0239 LIZ_0217 LIZ_0248 LIZ_0267 LIZ_0322



Baby Moira’s Afternoon in the Fields

One of Imagine Nation’s couple now has a new gift to be thankful for–Moira. A cheerful baby, Moira spent an afternoon in the fields of UP Diliman doing what she love, playing with stuffed toys and her piano, reading, and of course, spending time with her parents. Mirzi, her mom, is a breastfeeding and cloth diaper advocate. Our shoot was a load of cuteness! 🙂   LIZ_1352 LIZ_1481 LIZ_1433




LIZ_0807 LIZ_0750 LIZ_0760 LIZ_0864 LIZ_1296
LIZ_1075 LIZ_1158 LIZ_1180 LIZ_1136 LIZ_1100 LIZ_0943 LIZ_0975 LIZ_1229 LIZ_1242 LIZ_1360 LIZ_1381 LIZ_1416 LIZ_1421 LIZ_1445


Christian and Monique: Road Trip + Lazy Weekends

In an engagement shoot, I find couples do best when you involve them with what they’re familiar with and what they love doing. They’re more confident, at ease and natural, and they enjoy the shoot. Most of all, the photos speak well of them. And it’s exactly what happened in Christian and Monique’s engagement. Their road trip theme to me felt like a real one as we hopped from one place to another, walking and seeing what the bush, mountain or road got to offer, and shooting. The mood was like let’s-get-somewhere-and-do-nothing-on-a-lazy-weekend.

_LIZ3799 _LIZ3369

_LIZ3443 _LIZ3557 _LIZ3782 _LIZ3657 _LIZ4035




Venue: Around Tanay, Rizal     Props: Couple’s own

_LIZ3811 _LIZ3831 _LIZ3361 _LIZ3407 _LIZ3430 _LIZ3395 _LIZ3450 _LIZ3473 _LIZ3500 _LIZ3524 _LIZ3561 _LIZ3567 _LIZ3583 _LIZ3591 _LIZ3603 _LIZ3615 _LIZ3628 _LIZ3647 _LIZ3634 _LIZ3659 _LIZ3699 _LIZ3787 _LIZ3733 _LIZ3739 _LIZ3763 _LIZ3800 _LIZ3772 _LIZ3837 _LIZ3853 _LIZ3870 _LIZ3894 _LIZ3916 _LIZ3922 _LIZ3941 _LIZ3936 _LIZ3948 _LIZ3955 _LIZ3981 _LIZ3971 _LIZ4030 _LIZ3995 _LIZ4044 _LIZ4025 _LIZ4011 _LIZ4042 _LIZ4045 _LIZ4067 _LIZ4109




Makoy and Gie: Christmas Love

One wacky groom and one shy type bride. They may be complete opposites, having nothing in common except friends (you can check out how their friends played a unique and important part in their prenup shoot here), they complemented each other’s lives and for sure will make their marriage life more interesting. Gie loves Christmas and the lights, and it sure felt like it as they, their families and friends filled the air with warmth and smiles.


December 6, 2014

St. James the Greater

Preps: Acacia Hotel   MUA: Rae Venturanza-Salazar   Hair: Nhot Munsod   Video: Dreamechanics Videography

LIZ_1228 LIZ_1230 LIZ_1391 LIZ_1289 LIZ_1421 LIZ_1498 LIZ_1458 LIZ_1344 LIZ_1449 LIZ_1246 LIZ_1541 LIZ_1508 LIZ_1563 LIZ_1576 LIZ_1607 LIZ_1623 LIZ_1644 LIZ_1683 LIZ_1690 LIZ_1705 LIZ_1760 LIZ_1769 LIZ_1784 LIZ_1825 LIZ_1817 LIZ_1846 LIZ_1808 LIZ_1798 LIZ_1903 LIZ_1935 LIZ_1945 LIZ_1992 LIZ_2025 LIZ_2011 LIZ_2044 LIZ_2308 LIZ_2050 LIZ_2058 LIZ_2073 LIZ_2095 LIZ_2114 LIZ_2123 LIZ_2133 LIZ_2162 LIZ_2151 LIZ_2369 LIZ_2189 LIZ_2211 LIZ_2221 LIZ_2246 LIZ_2268 LIZ_2296 LIZ_2261 LIZ_2279 LIZ_2324 LIZ_2377 LIZ_2385 LIZ_2461 LIZ_2467 LIZ_2480 LIZ_2486 LIZ_2495 LIZ_2500 LIZ_2444 LIZ_2459 LIZ_2633 LIZ_2641 LIZ_2645 LIZ_2671 LIZ_2687 LIZ_2696 LIZ_2728 LIZ_2755 LIZ_2761 LIZ_2748 LIZ_2775



Abby and Waldo: A&W


While Waldo was still courting Abby, they stumbled upon A&W soda. Waldo said, “A&W, parang Abby and Waldo.” And the rest is history. 🙂



November 8, 2014

Hotel Preps: Solaire Resort and Casino   /   Church: St. Pancratius Chapel (Paco Park)     /   Reception: Yurakuen, Diamond Hotel   /    Video: Stephen Wedding Films   /   HMUA: Val Villarin   /   Flowers: Blessie’s Everlasting Flowers    /   Bridal Gown and Entourage Gown: Ate Anna Camigla of Gowns R Us   /    Bridal Car: Vintage Jaguar from Royal Carriages   /   Music: led by Madz Alcoy   /   Emcee: Darlene Tan-Salazar   /   OTD: EC Weddings

LIZ_2467 LIZ_2479 LIZ_2578 LIZ_2562






























Wilson and Jamie: We Play, We Love


From pillow fights, to bicycle rides, to bubble mania, to a visit in a museum and finally to holi powder bash, this engagement shoot had the most activities done which Wilson and Jamie, and their friends, had prepared.  It was another engagement shoot for me that had the couple’s friends’ participation involved; one of their friends, a DIY savvy, prepped up their tandem bike with flowers in rustic basket and colorful, patterned banderitas.  They also helped out in their props like blowing bubbles at the couple. And at times, being like how old friends are, they were all just cheering the couple while shooting and taking a snap of them with their camera phones. The shoot was wrapped up by everyone throwing holi powder and getting messy! I enjoyed every bit of this shoot 🙂


Venue: Museum and pillow shots at Pinto Art Gallery; Bicycle and bubble shoot somewhere just outside Pinto Art; Holi powder shoot somewhere in Marikina 🙂

LIZ_0577 LIZ_0559 LIZ_0567 LIZ_0624 LIZ_0601 LIZ_0590 LIZ_0519 LIZ_0670 LIZ_0501 LIZ_0463 LIZ_1129 LIZ_1185 LIZ_1112 LIZ_1191 LIZ_1161 LIZ_1153 LIZ_1029LIZ_1040LIZ_0744 LIZ_0783 LIZ_0731 LIZ_0968 LIZ_1009LIZ_0933LIZ_0963 LIZ_1079_3 LIZ_0858 LIZ_1066 LIZ_1281 LIZ_1236 LIZ_1198 LIZ_1224 LIZ_1260_2 LIZ_1319 LIZ_1333 LIZ_1383
LIZ_1358 LIZ_1362 LIZ_1424
LIZ_1405 LIZ_1370



Makoy and Gie: Good Friends + Good Food = Love

When their friends heard of their engagement shoot, one of them, a chef, offered to cook and have a small salu-sal0 for the couple and the rest of their friends after the shoot.  I then had the idea to include them in the shoot! Why not have a cook out with their friends for their prenup? And since Makoy and Gie got nothing in common except friends, it totally made sense to let them join and became as props! I was amazed to find out that everyone was excited to join the shoot!

Makoy and Gie have known each other since grade school, but only became a couple in college. We went around a few places in UP LB that are memorable to them, like their ‘tambayan’ and the oblation.  Then off to their friend’s house where everyone was preparing barbecue, drinks, tacos, and the set up of the place. So Makoy and Gie stepped in and helped out. As soon as they got together, everything became so natural and spontaneous. There were a few portraits and a few of their friends, aside from participating, also helped in the shoot that I just had to shoot some behind the scenes. This part was so full of laughter and support. I found this shoot-as-it-happen kind of engagement unique, touching and really personal. Kudos to Makoy and Gie and their friends. Oh, and the food was delicious!

LIZ_5715 LIZ_5700 LIZ_5766 LIZ_5772 LIZ_5755 LIZ_5750 LIZ_5720 LIZ_5797 LIZ_5787 LIZ_5856 LIZ_5908 LIZ_5931 LIZ_5894 LIZ_5660 LIZ_5609 LIZ_5552 LIZ_5591 LIZ_5579 LIZ_5672 LIZ_5819 LIZ_5887 LIZ_5900 LIZ_5870 LIZ_5950 LIZ_6251 LIZ_6135 LIZ_6145 LIZ_6150 LIZ_6152 LIZ_6162 LIZ_6176 LIZ_6055 LIZ_6093 LIZ_6193 LIZ_6257 LIZ_6276 LIZ_6282 LIZ_6296 LIZ_6101 LIZ_6206 LIZ_6213 LIZ_6333 LIZ_6328 LIZ_6313 LIZ_6359


Homey Duo: Rony and Jona

Rony and Jona spend their weekends in each other’s houses, relaxing and constructing Gundam action figures. He assembles, she paints. Rony must be lucky to find a girl who shares the same hobby as his. A rare find. 🙂

ronyjona17 ronyjona16


ronyjona3 ronyjona9

ronyjona56ronyjona36Venue: Rustic Mornings Restaurant

HMUA:  Ivee A. Madamba

Props: Couple’s own

ronyjona1 ronyjona2 ronyjona5 ronyjona10 ronyjona11 ronyjona6 ronyjona8 ronyjona7 ronyjona12 ronyjona13 ronyjona14 ronyjona15 ronyjona38 ronyjona40 ronyjona39 ronyjona27 ronyjona26 ronyjona28 ronyjona33 ronyjona31 ronyjona34 ronyjona29 ronyjona35 ronyjona18 ronyjona22 ronyjona24 ronyjona19 ronyjona23 ronyjona21 ronyjona25 ronyjona41 ronyjona59ronyjona58ronyjona49 ronyjona45 ronyjona43 ronyjona47 ronyjona46 ronyjona51 ronyjona52 ronyjona54 ronyjona50 ronyjona57 ronyjona53 ronyjona55



Ganito Kami Ngayon: Greene and Meliza’s Engagement

A view of how Greene and Meliza are as a couple (and probably a preview as well after the wedding bells). Truly, life is much more colorful for these two, captured through a bit of role playing, goofing around, and simply enjoying each other’s company. 🙂

Venue: Museo Pambata

Aug 9, 2014


LIZ_7309LIZ_7321LIZ_6873 LIZ_5 LIZ_6855
LIZ_6986 LIZ_4 LIZ_6857 LIZ_7032 LIZ_6827 LIZ_6915 LIZ_6921 LIZ_7169 LIZ_7065 LIZ_7078 LIZ_2
LIZ_3 LIZ_7201 LIZ_7185 LIZ_7212 LIZ_7292 LIZ_7276 LIZ_7056 LIZ_7046 LIZ_7145 LIZ_7119