Alfred and Janelle: Music and Words

Janelle wrote a letter to a boy whom she’s never met, a love letter.


Then she met Alfred, and the letter was perfect.

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Janelle was a writer and a former colleague of mine in a publishing company. She now heads the award-winning tourism website The Pink Tarha in Riyadh. We shot their engagement around La Union for the whole day, from a sunrise grassland to sunset beach. It was like work slash vacation as we visited from one place to another. 🙂

Wedding Videographer: Hendrix Sanchez of Fridge Multimedia      Wedding Coordinator: Jennifer Pineda Capiral of Infinite Moments Events Management      Wedding Florist and Stylist: Art Cortez of AC Events & Productions Prenup and Wedding Makeup Artist: Niño Bautista of Niño Bautista Makeup Artistry      Church: Sts. Peter And Paul Parish, Bauang, La Union      Guests Resort and Reception: San Luis Del Mar Resort, Bauang, La Union      Preparation Resort: Kaykayo Resort      Infinity Dresses: ZALBY      Cord, Candles, and Bible: Beadybeadz Personalized Wedding Cords      Invitation Design and Printing: Ink Scribbler      Cake: Xavier Boado Cakes & Pastries


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