Allan and Faith: God’s Best


Faith was never the girl who dreamed of being married but God made this a reality for her. For eight months, she was in a convent to become a nun. Little did she know, God had a different plan for her.


Faith met Allan in Singles for Christ in 2004. They were both shy and didn’t talk to each other then. Until in 2007, he texted her to greet her a happy new year. One text became numerous, and they became friends. Probably because of shyness, they still didn’t get the chance to talk in person. Until same year during the Holy Week, they both had a retreat in Tagaytay. Allan asked her to spend a day at the hills in Calaruega together for the first time which, according to Faith, was an amazing feeling. They started to go out more often and became a couple.

Faith was sure of being a nun, so they broke up a year after their relationship. She entered the convent and was really happy. It cannot be denied though that she thought of Allan oftentimes. After eight months, she decided to leave. Allan pursued her again, but Faith wanted them to be just friends because she was afraid of marriage and the responsibilities that it entails. For four years they continued to be friends, their love grew even more. And so, he proposed to her, and she faced her personal fears of marriage and said yes.


She realized that God was telling her that she could still serve God in her own capacity even as a married woman. She need not to be afraid. She followed that prompting and chose a life with Allan whom she can share her love for nature, spirituality, food and simple things.


January 12, 2015

Venue and Ceremony: Calaruega     Reception: Balay Indang

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