Chris and Sheila: The Answer

Sheila attended her friend’s party in the US. As she knocked on the door, Chris was the one who opened it. 🙂


They didn’t know each other, nor did they introduce themselves to each other as the door was opened. But later on at the party, Chris told his friend, “Could you introduce me to her?” And so their love story began. 🙂

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February 15, 2015

Preps:  Oakwood Ortigas  Ceremony and Reception: Enderun College  MUA: Eliz Juane for REAL Makeup Artistry Studio  Hair: Nhot Munsod Bituin

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LIZ_9313 LIZ_9237 LIZ_9249 LIZ_9528 LIZ_9565 LIZ_9572 LIZ_9601 LIZ_9681 LIZ_9690 LIZ_9712

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