Cookie and Mary: All the Happy People

Cookie and Mary’s wedding was one of my not-so-usual type of shoot–there were no scenes of bride wearing the shoes, no veil throwing, suit throwing nor wearing of watch–no standard scenarios in a wedding shoot. It was focused on capturing what is naturally happening, and the couple being very cool and happy people, they enjoyed their stress-free wedding day.

Cookie and Mary are both visual artists by profession, which is obvious in their overall style preferences of their wedding details and wedding documentation. Since Mary was my schoolmate back in college, it was nice to see old faces as well after many years. Their families and friends share their happy disposition, and smiles and laughter were captured at every point of our cameras.

I hope you’ll enjoy this all black and white wedding blog entry (including the onsite photo slideshow, a first for me and loved it!), as I think it suits Mary and Cookie. They danced with joy during the day and so as everyone else!

Venue: Chapel on the Hill     Reception and Preps: Pintoresco     Video: Let’s Make It Real



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