Cris and Liza: 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary

I have documented a few times silver and golden weddings, and all the time, they never fail to touch hearts. These are love stories who have passed the test of time, hence, they’re good role models and we should learn from them. Cris and Liza’s story is one of those tested-by-time love stories that has moved me.  With a guest count of about 50 people, love of all kinds–of family, of spouse, of friends, of mentors–was felt all through out the day. I am lucky to have witnessed this.


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During the reception program, Cris and Liza presented 25 people/couple that have shaped them in important ways, friends who were there by their side in good and bad times, mentors who have helped them to develop their spirituality, and of course their sons and daughters who I’m sure have been their strength and inspiration. I have observed their children’s good and joyful characters, and it says a lot about Cris and Liza. They are blessed with good people around them, and they bless the people around them in return. I too,  during one of our meetings with them, was inspired. 🙂 I am lucky to have witnessed their anniversary.

To 25 more years, or even more 🙂

Preparations/Ceremony/Reception: Makati Shangri-la

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