Makoy and Gie: Christmas Love

One wacky groom and one shy type bride. They may be complete opposites, having nothing in common except friends (you can check out how their friends played a unique and important part in their prenup shoot here), they complemented each other’s lives and for sure will make their marriage life more interesting. Gie loves Christmas and the lights, and it sure felt like it as they, their families and friends filled the air with warmth and smiles.


December 6, 2014

St. James the Greater

Preps: Acacia Hotel   MUA: Rae Venturanza-Salazar   Hair: Nhot Munsod   Video: Dreamechanics Videography

LIZ_1228 LIZ_1230 LIZ_1391 LIZ_1289 LIZ_1421 LIZ_1498 LIZ_1458 LIZ_1344 LIZ_1449 LIZ_1246 LIZ_1541 LIZ_1508 LIZ_1563 LIZ_1576 LIZ_1607 LIZ_1623 LIZ_1644 LIZ_1683 LIZ_1690 LIZ_1705 LIZ_1760 LIZ_1769 LIZ_1784 LIZ_1825 LIZ_1817 LIZ_1846 LIZ_1808 LIZ_1798 LIZ_1903 LIZ_1935 LIZ_1945 LIZ_1992 LIZ_2025 LIZ_2011 LIZ_2044 LIZ_2308 LIZ_2050 LIZ_2058 LIZ_2073 LIZ_2095 LIZ_2114 LIZ_2123 LIZ_2133 LIZ_2162 LIZ_2151 LIZ_2369 LIZ_2189 LIZ_2211 LIZ_2221 LIZ_2246 LIZ_2268 LIZ_2296 LIZ_2261 LIZ_2279 LIZ_2324 LIZ_2377 LIZ_2385 LIZ_2461 LIZ_2467 LIZ_2480 LIZ_2486 LIZ_2495 LIZ_2500 LIZ_2444 LIZ_2459 LIZ_2633 LIZ_2641 LIZ_2645 LIZ_2671 LIZ_2687 LIZ_2696 LIZ_2728 LIZ_2755 LIZ_2761 LIZ_2748 LIZ_2775



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