Mark and Kate: Tying the Knot in Batanes

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A thousand times, I would love to shoot wedding memories here in Batanes. It’s such a lovely place to start a new chapter of one’s life here. Its simplicity enables you to see everything, and only what’s important to you. It’s an ideal place to have your wedding, or to shoot your engagement. Photos speak ‘Just you and me.’

See these two photo enthusiasts, Mark and Kate’s wedding memories here. Oh, and a post-nup shoot as well with their families and close friends. You can see also their engagement shoot here.

Videographer: Aisle 1401
HMUA: Sherbeth Anne Quion
Accessories and decors: Our Handmade Heritage, Inc.
Church: Mt. Carmel Chapel, Basco, Batanes
Preparations and Reception: Fundacion Pacita, Basco, Batanes
Gown design is bride’s own

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