Marlon and Aura: The Universe Conspires



It was a perfect day for Marlon and Aura; good weather, good sunlight, good location, good food and good friends and families. They were all glowing of happiness, and Marlon and Aura looked impeccable. 🙂

LIZ_0593 LIZ_0315 LIZ_0822 LIZ_0984 LIZ_1087 LIZ_1506 LIZ_1321 LIZ_1310

June 7, 2015

Ceremony: Transfiguration Chapel of Caleruega    Preparation & Reception: Taal Vista Hotel    Video: Aisle 1401    Coordination: SMA Weddings & Beyond    HMU: Team Majica    Florist – Church/Bouquets/Boutonnieres: Loi Floral Sense by Serge Igonia     Cake: Tourist Cakeshop     Lights & Sounds: Artuz101

LIZ_0142 LIZ_0149 LIZ_0156 LIZ_0120 LIZ_0178 LIZ_0106 LIZ_0098 LIZ_0208 LIZ_0218 LIZ_0240 LIZ_0227 LIZ_0264 LIZ_0278 LIZ_0293 LIZ_0299 LIZ_0342 LIZ_0409 LIZ_0419 LIZ_0399 LIZ_0427 LIZ_0578 LIZ_0524 LIZ_0503 LIZ_0673 LIZ_0537 LIZ_0624 LIZ_0445 LIZ_0492 LIZ_0645 LIZ_0635 LIZ_0467 LIZ_1236 LIZ_0661 LIZ_0831 LIZ_0854 LIZ_0862 LIZ_0877

LIZ_0979 LIZ_0975 LIZ_0992 LIZ_0974 LIZ_0925 LIZ_0928 LIZ_0914 LIZ_0968 LIZ_1028 LIZ_0971 LIZ_1169 LIZ_0970 LIZ_0995 LIZ_1026 LIZ_1057 LIZ_1071 LIZ_1044 LIZ_1000 LIZ_1120 LIZ_1196 LIZ_1197 LIZ_1037 LIZ_0904 LIZ_1207 LIZ_1215 LIZ_1223 LIZ_1282


LIZ_1316 LIZ_1350 LIZ_1412 LIZ_1387 LIZ_1392 LIZ_1385 LIZ_1395 LIZ_1423 LIZ_1475 LIZ_1490 LIZ_1474 LIZ_1509 LIZ_1521 LIZ_1529 LIZ_1720 LIZ_1727 LIZ_1684 LIZ_1663 LIZ_1643 LIZ_1666 LIZ_1731 LIZ_1736 LIZ_1746 LIZ_1751 LIZ_1669 LIZ_1811 LIZ_1339


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