Zack and Jett: Got You Where I Want You


Zack met Jett six years ago in Georgia, USA, at a house party with friends. What started to be a dare turned out to be a happy ending. 🙂




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Their intimate beach wedding was full of expressions of love and happiness for these two. One of the highlights of the wedding was when Zack sang his feelings out in a sort of impromptu way, the song “Got You Where I Want To”(which he sang again together with Jett at the reception with correct lyrics this time), as Jett walked the long wooden planks of the lake all the way to the shore!  It rained for a while, but the clouds made way for the sun during their ‘I do’s.’

Venue: Tugawe Beach Resort, Caramoan, Bicol

Wedding Coordinator: Vanj Savilla

Videographer: Joel Salindog Videos

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