Stephen, Liv and Gabe’s Family Outing


Summer is here and it’s a good time to go out and have a family bonding. I visited the US late last year and had the privilege to shoot a former classmate of mine, Liv, while camping with her family and a few friends. Families in the US love to go outing on weekends and I love this fact that they like to be active and do things together. 🙂 Liv and her family and friends stayed overnight doing camping, grilling barbecue and marshmallows, trekking, fishing, and swimming. It was a shoot-as-it-happens kind of day. Liv doesn’t have any family photos to keep while on vacation, so I was happy to join them.


Stephen-Olivia-Gabe-family-album_spread-11 LIZ_1330 LIZ_1717 LIZ_1952 LIZ_1345 Stephen-Olivia-Gabe-family-album_cover

Venue: Waterfall Cabin and Pocono Mountains, Pennsylvania

Illustrations and paintings by yours truly 🙂Stephen-Olivia-Gabe-family-album_spread-2 LIZ_1606 LIZ_1597 LIZ_1577 LIZ_1248 LIZ_1302 LIZ_1678 LIZ_1703 LIZ_1373 LIZ_1377 Stephen-Olivia-Gabe-family-album_spread-5 LIZ_1503 Stephen-Olivia-Gabe-family-album_spread-6 Stephen-Olivia-Gabe-family-album_spread-12 LIZ_1668 LIZ_2063 LIZ_2124 LIZ_2068 Stephen-Olivia-Gabe-family-album_spread-15 Stephen-Olivia-Gabe-family-album_spread-10 Stephen-Olivia-Gabe-family-album_gabe LIZ_2384 LIZ_1935 LIZ_1939 LIZ_1944LIZ_3


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