Baby Andy’s Saturday Afternoon

Baby Andy has brought all her toys during the shoot; it was like any other playtime for her. And she had the best of all smiles as she spent time with her parents just playing and hugging each other. 🙂

LIZ_2726LIZ_3077 LIZ_2434 LIZ_2499Venue: Studo and UP Diliman

LIZ_2513 LIZ_2418 LIZ_2341 LIZ_2293 LIZ_3064 LIZ_3054 LIZ_3020 LIZ_2734 LIZ_2801 LIZ_2794 LIZ_2832 LIZ_2655 LIZ_2868 LIZ_2887 LIZ_2900 LIZ_2902 LIZ_2964 LIZ_2975 LIZ_3134 LIZ_3114 LIZ_3166 LIZ_3173 LIZ_2954


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